Van der Graaf drummotors are installed worldwide in many different industries. Agriculture, mining, aggregate, food and parcel handling just to name a few. Take a look at the pictures to get an idea about the type of applications we are involved in. If you have any doubt about a specific application, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Agriculture  "GV" drummotors are installed into many different industries including agriculture, mining, aggregate, food and parcel handling just to name a few.
Mussel processing  You will often see a "GV" drummotor being used in the fish processing industry. Whether it is conveying fish or mussels aboard ships or while filleting, a "GV" drummotor is always the right choice.
Filling cassette  One area where many "GV" drummotors are installed is the mushroom composting and growing industry. Our drummotors are highly praised in this industry because of their reliability running in extremely dirty and abrasive conditions.


Frequently we're asked if it is possible for a specific application to use a drummotor. A solution is often possible if you consult with our engineering department. For an idea of what we are capable of, here are some examples of special designs we have already produced.

For more Specials Drives please visit this link: Specialty Drives

Peas processing This complete stainless steel drummotor is machined with grooves in the shell for polychord. This is on a production line for shelling peas.
Water cooling It was considered impossible to use a drummotor on a chocolate production line conveyor because the heat produced by the drummotor would melt the chocolate. After installing watercooling inside the drummotor this "impossibility" was solved.
Icebreaker This icebreaker drummotor is fitted with 18 knives and is manufactured in complete stainless steel. It operates in a machine to break up chunks of ice with fruit.