History of Van der Graaf

Established in the Netherlands in 1948, Van der Graaf is a family company based in the town of Vollenhove (Netherlands). The Van der Graaf name is synonymous worldwide for top quality transmission technology, a position which Van der Graaf acquired and keeps through its on going commitment in machine investment and a highly skilled work force. Customer service also remains a key part of our philosophy. Despite many worldwide applications of its transmission products (mostly drummotors), the Van der Graaf company still remains loyal to the basics: good products, an excellent service and competitive prices.

Van der Graaf has provided solutions to the material handling industry for over half a century. Since its first motorized pulley was assembled in 1948, Van der Graaf has adhered to a simple principle: design a superior product to meet customer needs in a changing marketplace. By making consistent investments in factory automation over the years, Van der Graaf continues as the leading global supplier of conveyor belt drives for a broad range of industries. Whether it's an explosion-proof motor for driving coal mine conveyor belts, or sanitary drives in a food processing plant, Van der Graaf has innovative designs to solve application challenges. Van der Graaf offers outstanding application engineering and customer service for high quality products and years of low maintenance performance. Whether it is a unit or bulk handling application Van der Graaf products and people are trusted around the world for reliable performance and personal service.


            Van der Graaf Vollenhove                                                  Van der Graaf Vollenhove

                    Van der Graaf, Vollenhove, 1948                                                                                                   Van der Graaf, Vollenhove, Present Day